Welcome to my pages!  My name is Abi Lake & I am an interdisciplinary artist and teacher living & working in Manchester.  My work covers all sorts of creative practices, from theatre & performance art, writing, children’s workshops, painting, textile & installation work.

Two of my longest running pieces, ‘Elvis is my Mum’ & The Paper Dress have been exhibited at the Gallery of Costume, Manchester and again at the Critical Costume symposium, along with my costume ‘Body Armour/Amour’.

These pieces illustrate my on-going interest in the history & performativity of women’s dress-  The stories we tell, & the environments & identities created through what we wear, & how we wear it.

I am currently developing a new project inspired by the form & fibre of trees, in relation to the human body. I will be creating expressive sculptural garments & installations, as well as sketches & writing, in response to this.

I like lots of other things too: my battered old typewriter, my beautiful (heavy) old singer sewing machine, my whizzy newer & more practical sewing machine, autumn, the sea, trees (climbing & admiring), making things, espresso martinis, the sound of rain, tea & biscuits, shattered glass, happy accidents, hidden places, disused buildings, printed fabrics, the inside of a warm tea cosy/tumble-dried towel on my face, Woman’s Hour, The Gilmore Girls, too-much-music-to-possibly-list-here, ditto with films, cloud watching, people watching, silliness, letter writing, sleeping, dreaming, dancing, laughing, bouncing…the list goes on, you can imagine.

Take a look through my pages to find out about other projects, and see what else I am currently up to…

And here is the end of the rainbow…


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